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Will Hardy: “Our bench, our locker room is very lively and I want them to maintain that”

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Utah Jazz head coach Will Hardy gave his thoughts on his club’s 12-6 record (1st place in West) after defeating the Portland Trail Blazers on the road last night.

(via Fanatics View Hoops):

“We’re proud of the way that we’ve represented ourselves through 18 games. We still think that we can get better, and that’s our focus. Like every team, we’re not a finished product yet. That doesn’t mean that we’re not proud of how we’ve played at this point, but we can’t get lost in what anybody is saying about us at this point in time. We have to continue to work every day and try to continue to get better because I think there’s a lot of areas that we can improve. While doing that, I want our team to continue, as we say, ‘Keep the vibe alive.’

“The guys are playing with a lot of energy and a lot of joy. Our bench, our locker room is very lively and I want them to maintain that. There is a part of this that always needs to be remembered. They need to enjoy this. They’re in the NBA and they’ve worked really hard to get here, and they’re gonna work really hard for this team to be as good as it can be. But while they’re doing that, we want to have a little fun.”

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