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The Top 3 Greatest and Revolutionizing NBA 2Ks based on Impacts during their Time

It’s been over a month since the splendid public release of NBA 2K23. Fans across the globe have been itching to stick their fingers on the game board and play some virtual basketball. With a new game play, fortified by plethora of jawbreaking graphics and features, the said new installment surely adapted very well to the cravings of modern hoop gamers. (Writer’s note: As you continue to read this article, why not try this vulkan vegas 25 euro? Enjoy!)

The NBA 2K23 has truly met the standards of  fans overall with regards to what they are looking for in a solid basketball game. But wait, how does this one even start up from the notable contributions of the past NBA 2Ks?

Here are the Top 3 rankings of the NBA 2Ks based on the impact during their time.

Top 3 – NBA 2K11

With the G.O.A.T. in Michael Jordan being your undisputed athlete cover, you won’t fail to claim winning ways.

The NBA 2K11 made a bold and solid move by featuring Jordan in the game – a decision that truly gave basketball fans something to be delighted about. Upon its release, many even hailed it as the best NBA 2K ever due to its resonating influence.

As such, with Jordan being the face, the game featured Jordan Challenges mode, wherein players can play the former NBA superstar’s best moments back in his  illustrious career. The game mode was special that it even stretched out in NBA 2K12 and was revived in 2K23.

Top 2 — NBA 2K12

The NBA 2K12 dazzled the fans with its incredible features and game plays to pay homage to the basketball’s finest.

Displaying tons of game options, 2K12 expanded its coverage through NBA’s Greatest mode, wherein several legendary players and teams in history were given their flowers by letting players recreate their memorable games. 

Other than the said mode, gamers can go and spend their time with Create A Legend, wherein a player will be given a My Career-like opportunity to thrive and become a great player of his own.

Top 1 — NBA 2K1

In terms of the impacts during its time of release, NBA 2K1 is surely at the top of the list. 

NBA 2K1 introduced several amazing features such as Association, General Manager, and Street, handing gamers an astounding amount of choices to play for a sports game at that time. 

As such, NBA 2K1 is the first NBA 2K game that was playable online through the SegaNet service. And even now, NBA 2K1 is still accessible online through the usage of private servers.

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