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Russell Westbrook addresses viral videos from game vs Timberwolves

A preseason game between the Lakers and the Timberwolves was not the best for Russell Westbrook who finished it with just 5 points in 25 minutes of play, taking just 3 shots.

However, two non-basketball related videos from that game featuring Russ went viral. In one of them the former NBA MVP is seen being separate from his teammates during a pregame team huddle.

In another video from the third quarter of the game Westbrook is seen again distancing himself from his teammates as Patrick Beverley calls team huddle.

Russ was asked about the two viral videos by the media. According to him, they were cut to look like that. He said that he has no issues with his teammates and is a ‘genuine team player.’

“It’s really weird, man,” Westbrook said. “Pregame I’ve been doing that, being in the league for years, man. I think they just cut the video and obviously the internet don’t take it and run with it whatever they need to run with. I’ve been doing the same ritual since I’ve been in the league. I’m pretty sure you guys can probably attest to that.

“But as far as the other video, I was actually talking to the coaches and they cut that video in half as well. I was talking to the coaches about a missed coverage. I don’t pay no mind to it, man. I’m just trying to compete and do my job every game.

“You can cut any video and make anything you want out of it. It’s not up to me to be able to judge that. I know I’m a genuine team player and I never had a problem being with my teammates since coming to LA.”

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