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NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks, Arizona Coyotes, and the Ottawa Senators

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Bo Horvat‘s agent on their contract situation

Donnie & Dhali: Pat Morris, the agent for Vancouver Canucks Bo Horvat when asked about the Sean Couturier comparable at seven years and $7 million and how stories/reports get leaked out.

“That happens. I keep, for my clients on their instructions, I keep their business private.

Center ice men, number one center ice men who, I believe Bo is a number one center. Every team to win has to have three great centers. Four great centers. Bo is 1/1A, whatever teams perceive him to be. Very hard to get center ice men.

He’s in a good position. It’s always better for the team, better for the player, when a players signed long-term but you can’t sign when it’s not right,

Centers seem to be very valuable. There’s many, many centers that signed this summer and they’re very valuable within the way general managers and the makeup of teams are. So, Bo’s in a real good spot and hopefully, he can stay in Vancouver if the circumstances are right.”

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Jakob Chychrun’s path may not lead to Ottawa

Emily Sadler of Sportsnet: Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun is expected to join the team in Montreal and start practicing with the team according to Elliotte Friedman.

Chychrun’s season ended last year on March 12th with an ankle injury. He has offseason wrist surgery and missed all of training camp. His injury history has some teams concerned when looking at potential trades. Teams want to see if he can get healthy before making a move.

The Ottawa Senators are one team that has been linked to Chychrun but there “isn’t a path” according to Friedman.

“I have heard from multiple sources that right now between the Senators and the Coyotes, there just isn’t a path to make a deal,” he said. “That could always change once he resumes playing, but right now it doesn’t appear to be on the table at all.”


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