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NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane and Jakob Chychrun

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The Rangers and Islanders could be two of the teams interested Patrick Kane 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said on Insider Trading that there is a good chance that the Chicago Blackhawks will trade Patrick Kane before the March 3rd trade deadline. People go ahead of themselves thinking that he was ready to talk management about a trade this past offseason.

“My sense of it is that his agent, Pat Brisson, and Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson have talked and said, “let’s circle back to each other around December and January and see where things stand.”

Kane has the hammer here with a full no-movement but the idea is that at some point all the losing this year, with Chicago projecting to be a losing team, will probably grow tiring for him and he’ll be ready to talk trade. Again, full no-movement but a couple of teams to think about off the top are the New York Rangers and New York Islanders as decent possibilities.”

On Jakob Chychrun‘s injury status and the speculation

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek show when asked about Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun, speculation and his injury status.

** transcription

“I heard last week. Arizona was just out West, their bonding trip out in Alberta and then they went and played a couple of games. I heard the hope was that he would be practicing with the Coyotes . I checked in this morning, was told it’s not going to be happening yet, likely not until later in the week.

It’s unfortunate for him. It’s unfortunate for them. Number one, you want the guy to be healthy. Number two, I just think people are going to be careful until he’s out there skating.

I do think this will kick up again early in the season, the fact that he’s not playing right now, or not practicing right now, I know in a couple teams cases, it’s held things up a bit.”



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