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Loosen up with the Theragun Mini (it even fits in your bag)


This is I tried it, a new series where we write about golf items — apparel, gear, accessories, etc. — that we’ve recently taken out for a spin. We’re here to give our honest, no-frills takes on the latest and greatest golf or golf-adjacent items. So, scroll down to read about what we love (or don’t) about golf’s newest (or new to us) products.

The Theragun Mini lives up to the hype. It’s actually mini, so it will fit in your golf bag without weighing it down too much. Despite that fact, it really packs a punch, and actually loosens up tight muscles and promotes recovery.

I like to use it when I’ve gone a little too hard on the Peloton the day before a round of golf. If I’m feeling sore and tight, it immediately remedies that feeling to get me in the zone for my round. Even if you don’t end up using it on the 12th or 13th hole, it’s nice to know it’s there should you need to break it out in a pinch. And, when that time comes, your golf buddies are all going to feel jealous (speaking from experience).

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Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Device


The Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Device is powerful and portable. This pocket-sized device offers quality deep muscle treatment. It features an ergonomic grip, 3 speeds, and a proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce technology. A 1 year warranty is included.

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