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Exploding Golf Balls (4 Pack) – 1 burst into a Cloud of White Smoke, 1 Water, 1 streaming Ribbon, 1 jumps & slides when putted – funny Golf Gag Gift

Price: $15.99
(as of Oct 16,2022 20:36:45 UTC – Details)

Welcome to the Awesome 4 Pack. A Four piece collection of the world’s best trick golf balls from the Trick Golfball Company! For golfers who like to trick, prank, and joke with there friends – Get laughs galore on the course. Bet your partner that he can’t hit the fairway or sink that testing putt again – then put down the exploding golf ball, phantom golf ball, jetstreamer golf ball or unputtaball golf ball and stand by for the high jinx. Includes: 1 Exploding Golf Ball: Burst into a big cloud of white smoke upon impact 1 Phantom Ball: Shatters and disappears into a watery mist when hit. 1 Jetstreamer – Ejects a long streaming, spiraling ribbon that flies up to 100 yards in the air 1 Unputtaball: Unevenly weighted, ball will jump and slid all over the putting green

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