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Aaron Finch, Chris Woakes react after Mitchell Starc’s warning to Jos Buttler over leaving non-strikers’ end

Australian captain Aaron Finch and England all-rounder Chris Woakes have expressed their views regarding Mitchell Starc’s warning to Jos Buttler over leaving the non-strikers’ crease during a rain-interrupted third T20I at Manuka Oval in Canberra on Friday.

It all happened in the fifth over of England’s innings when Starc was bowling to Dawid Malan. After sending down the fourth ball to Malan, who jabbed it back to the bowler, Starc immediately turned and pointed at Buttler.

The New South Wales pacer appeared to say something to the England skipper which was not audible. However, the stump mic picked up Buttler, saying: “Don’t think I was”.

Screenshots posted on social media pointed out that Buttler was out of his crease before the ball was released, and after Starc’s warning, he was back in his crease.

Regarding the whole incident, captain Finch said he did not see the occurrence of the moment in the middle, but a first warning was completely fine. However, the Aussie skipper was not broadly in favour of such mode of dismissal.

“I wasn’t aware, had no idea about that. I think if batters get a warning, then it’s fair game after that. That would go for most teams, I assume, if you give the batter a warning that they are getting a little too much ground before the ball is bowled. But I’m not a big fan of it, to be fair, personally,” said Finch, as quoted by ESPNcricinfo.

England all-rounder Woakes also expressed a similar view on the use of a warning but mentioned he wouldn’t run someone out like that (non-strikers’ run-out).

“In my eyes, that’s the best way to go about. I’ve got no issue with the warning, guys. I personally wouldn’t run someone out [like that], but a warning, no issue with that,” mentioned Woakes.

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