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The New Jersey Devils continue to look for a top-six winger

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period was on TSN 690 in Montreal for his weekly radio segment and was asked about the New Jersey Devils and what their intentions are come the NHL Trade Deadline.

Sean Campbell: New Jersey; the rumors coming out they are looking at adding Timo Meier of San Jose, possibly Vladimir Tarasenko or Ryan O’Reilly of St. Louis, what do they have to give up? They do have some cap space, they are in a good position here, obviously, they are buyers, what are they looking to get?

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TSN 690 David Pagnotta: “Well Tom Fitzgerald, their GM, has made it clear he wants to bring in a top-six winger. Not necessarily a rental. That is why they are so engaged with San Jose about Timo Meier and trying to make stuff happen.

I know over the last four or five days, especially on social media everyone has been trying to read the tea leaves. He is on vacation and happens to be in the same spot that half the Devils are in; it is a sign. Well, maybe, could also be a coincidence. Trying not to read too much into that stuff, New Jersey is definitely in on that.

NHL Rumors: New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins

They have had some discussions with Vancouver about Brock Boeser, who has a couple of years left on his deal and there are other teams and players out there they are looking at but they want to bring someone in from a priority standpoint that is controllable.

So Meier, whoever gets him there is going to be a contract extension to go along with that deal. There are so many different elements, so you go work out an extension or you go after someone with term left on their contract and go from there.

It is pretty clear they want to upgrade their offense even more and bring someone in that can help fit that mold on the wing.”


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