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NHL Rumors: Teams showing interest in Vancouver Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal and Don Taylor on Vancouver Canucks injured goalie Thatcher Demko and how he is generating trade interest.

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Dhaliwal: “I told you last week teams were calling on Demko. I told you one team to keep an eye on is Pittsburgh. Tristan Jarry is their goalie but he’s a UFA and could cost over $6 million.

One thing that Demko brings you is cost certainty at $5 million per year over the next three years. That’s why a ton of teams are going to be interested if the Canucks do this. That’s why a lot of teams have interest.  Even though Demko has not had a good year, teams are going to bet on his return to his old form.

Now, I’m told the Canucks do not want to move him in the division. One team that makes a ton of sense Donnie, is the LA Kings. They need a goalie. They have a ton of good right-shot D. But it would have to take an incredible offer cause I don’t think the Canucks want to move Demko in their division.

Now, let me address this. Not sure about all these rumors that Demko is unhappy in Vancouver and he wants out. I’m not there yet. I don’t know where the media’s getting that. I’ve talked too. Time will tell. I’m not there yet that Demko’s unhappy in Vancouver and he wants out. I’m not there yet.”

Taylor: “One thing, and I’ve heard Thomas Drance talk about this, and other reporters as well, the people that are in the dressing room on a regular basis were not. The reporting days are over for me and for you. We just talk in a negative fashion about the Canucks.

But they say that Demko’s mood, demeanor, behavior has changed a bit when it comes to dealing with the media. Maybe it’s because of the pressure of being a number one goaltender, bonafide, I’m not really sure. But, his personality has changed which might be understandable for a young guy in a pressure situation. Just throwing that out there.

But you’re hearing there’s nothing about him not being happy.”

NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks, and the Trade Front Picking Up

Dhaliwal: “I’m not hearing it. Donnie, let me ask you this. These players get to the NHL level because they hate to lose. Take out the bubble year in Edmonton. Has this core group done a lot of winning in your eyes? Would you be happy going and playing on a team losing all the time?”

Taylor: “I’d be happy being in the National Hockey League.”

Dhaliwal: “Okay, but at some point when you get to the NHL Don, you do want to win.”

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