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Boston Bruins Trade Deadline Strategy

Don’t Expect the Boston Bruins To Grab Major Headlines At The Trade Deadline

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Host: We have talked about Maple Leafs and what they are going to do at the deadline but what about the Boston Bruins? Do they go big game hunting? You think they are looking for a real impact piece because this team has been flawless all year long. So what do you think they are trying to do?

Chris Johnston on TSN 1050 Radio: “Here is what we know about Don Sweeney, he has been pretty aggressive. He got Taylor Hall a couple of years ago at the deadline and Hampus Lindholm last year before the deadline. Extended Both.

Here is the problem and stop me if you heard this before, they literally have basically no cap space. So any money Boston brings in they are going to have to ship money out as of right now.

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Now they could have a serious injury between now and the deadline so maybe someone is on LTIR and it is a different cap picture. As it is lining up the Bruins are a team that does not have a lot of flexibility to take the kind of swing they have in the past.

They do not have many glaring needs. They will look at another forward. I think they are pretty comfortable with their defence. But unless something changes dramatically in terms of an injury between now and the deadline, I think they will be adding depth pieces that don’t grab any big headlines because they probably don’t need it and the cap won’t allow them to do it.”

Bruins Will Look To Add Depth At The Deadline Instead

Emily Kaplan of ESPN: Kaplan was on The Point on ESPN with John Buccigross and stated the Bruins are not going to give up major assets to acquire a rental at the deadline. They have been burned by that in years passed.

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They are looking for players that can play down the center, maybe some versatility center and wing, but don’t have to give up a ton of assets for or ideally are locked in past this season for cost certainty.

Another area I have heard they have been scouting is depth defenceman.


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