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NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks, and the Trade Front Picking Up

Teams wondering if the Canucks will retain salary for Brock Boeser

TSN: Everyone knows the Vancouver Canucks will consider many options for weeks now according to Darren Dreger.

“They still have a tremendous amount of interest in Brock Boeser as an example, but clubs need to know whether or not the Canucks are willing to retain salary because he has term remaining on his deal and I’m sure the Canucks are saying: Well, that’s fine, but make your best offer and we’ll make a decision whether or not it can be justified after that. There is no guarantee that Boeser is going to move before the deadline.

Meanwhile, not to jinx us here the Canucks need Thatcher Demko to get back healthy and in the crease but I know team sources are a little surprised with all this trade speculation.”

Are things going to be picking up on the trade front?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Don’t Debug the EBUG, on if it quiet around the league or are things starting to pick up. (Podcast recorded before Bo Horvat was traded to the Islanders)

** transcription

Marek: “And by the way, does it not feel as if, and maybe it’s different from the calls you make, that right now it’s pretty quiet?”

Friedman: “I think it’s picked up a little bit. Vancouver has kind of thrown itself into the middle of all this. I think St. Louis, the real world is starting to set in there this year. The math is not good for them.

You talked about Pittsburgh on the last podcast. I got to think the heat is ratcheting up there. To me, I do have a sense that people are starting to talk a little bit more.

Marek: “I wonder if it’s just going to take that one first trade. I know we saw one between Colorado and San Jose, but I’m talking about, and no disrespect to the biggest player in that deal is Matt Nieto. But no disrespect to any of those players, but a trade with a big name attached to it.”

Friedman: “Which means we’re about to disrespect those players.”


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