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How to Build a Winning Live Betting Basketball Strategy

Basketball is a great sport to bet on for a few different reasons. It’s a high-scoring sport that has fast-paced action, which makes it ideal for in-play live betting. But, it’s also got a wide availability in which there are basketball games all across the US and Europe – this helps find good opportunities. Finally, its popularity watch is reflected in the betting markets as there are many betting sites to choose from. Here are the best UK basketball betting sites, for example.

Betting against the public

The first consideration with betting is that often, demand for bets is reflected in the odds. For example, hugely popular teams and outcomes will often be a risk for bookies, because there are many punters putting their money on one outcome. To minimize this risk, odds are often suppressed slightly. This means that when you bet against the fan favorites, you can often find good value bets. This may be even more exaggerated right before the game starts, as the bookies receive last-minute bets from punters, but it can also cross over into in-play betting too.

Reverse-line movement

A reverse line movement (RLM) is when the betting line moves in the opposite direction to the majority of bets being placed for a game. So, if Team A is getting the most bets from punters to win, but the betting line moves in favor of Team B, then this is a reverse-line movement.

Such RLMs may occur for a few different reasons. Last-minute news, player availability, or even inside information from the bettors are some examples. Or, the line may be moved to balance out the risk. Such an RLM can provide good information to bettors and can be a way to gain an advantage over the public by being patient. RLMs can happen very early on in a game too, depending on the events that unfold.

Betting on key moments

Basketball is often made up of key moments. These are moments where the game can change quickly, such as at the end of a quarter or a critical free throw. These moments can not just provide betting opportunities, but opportunities to bet against the favorite. It may be that the underdog is behind, making their odds even more favorable, but betting on the right key moments in which you think the game will turn around. This is when momentum and the feeling of a game can quickly change.

Total points

The total points scored in a game can be another great opportunity for live betting. By closely monitoring the pace of the game and the performance of each team, you can make informed decisions about whether to bet over or under on the total points. This way, the outcome, which is hard to predict, isn’t important. This is also an enjoyable betting strategy, as your only hope is that there’s plenty of action as opposed to a specific winner.

Final Word

Live betting in basketball offers a unique and exciting opportunity for sports bettors. To build a winning strategy, it is important to understand the game, research the teams, analyze the odds, and stay disciplined with your betting.

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