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NHL Rumors: Five teams who should/could have interest in Ryan O’Reilly

The Colorado Avalanche should be interested in Ryan O’Reilly

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post: Eight years passing should be enough to mend the fences between the Colorado Avalanche and former forward Ryan O’Reilly. The Avs should target the St. Louis Blues pending UFA for their second-line center.

Although O’Reilly has said he wants to remain in St. Louis, it would make sense for the Blues to move him and add some future assets.

Avs defenseman Sam Girard’s name usually surfaces in any trade talk involving a top-six forward. The Avs won’t overpay. If some salary is retained, would the Blues and Avs be comfortable with a top prospect and a first?

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Who could be interested in Ryan O’Reilly, and what could it cost them?

Jason Bukala and Rory Boylen of Sportsnet: It makes sense the St. Louis Blues exploring the idea of what they could get for pending UFA, and 32-year-old center Ryan O’Reilly. They should be able to get a decent return for him.

O’Reilly told The Athletic that he’d be open to taking a discount to remain in St. Louis and that he hopes he isn’t traded. He’s also still out with a foot injury and has struggled this year. It is not easy to put a trade value on his at this point.

Teams that could have interest include the Carolina Hurricanes, Seattle Kraken, Minnesota Wild and the Edmonton Oilers.

If the Blues want to increase any trade return, retaining 50 percent of his salary would put the cap hit at $3.75 million. Maybe a third team could get involved to lower the cap hit even further, possibly getting it down to $1.875 million. His salary for the year is only $1 million.

Potential trade proposal

To Carolina: Ryan O’Reilly
To St. Louis: Carolina’s second-round pick in 2023 – 50% retained
To Arizona: Carolina sixth-round pick in 2023 or 2024 – 50% retained

To Seattle: Ryan O’Reilly
To St. Louis: Seattle’s second-round pick (via Toronto) in 2023 – 50% retained
To Arizona: Seattle’s sixth-round pick in 2023 or 2024 – 50% retained

NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers, Seattle Kraken, and the Dallas Stars

To Minnesota: Ryan O’Reilly
To St. Louis: Minnesota’s second-round pick in 2023

To Edmonton: Ryan O’Reilly
To St.Louis: Edmonton’s second-round pick in 2023 – 50% retained
To Arizona: Edmonton’s sixth-round pick in 2023 or 2024 – 50% retained




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