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Boxing Results: Alexis “Lex” Rocha And Floyd Schofield Win Over DAZN!

By Ken Hissner: At YouTube Theater, Inglewood, CA, Saturday over DAZN Oscar de La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) in association with Starr Boxing presented in the Main Event WBO NABO champ and No. 3 ranked WBO Alexis “Lex” Rocha knocked out late replacement Ghana’s George “Red Tiger” Ashie in the seventh round.

In co-feature unbeaten Lightweight Floyd Schofield scored a knockdown in defeating Alberto “Transformer” Mercado over ten rounds for the vacant WBA International Lightweight title.

In the Main Event WBO NABO Welter champ and ranked No. 5 in WBO southpaw Alexis “Lex” Rocha, 22-1 (14), #146, of Santa Ana, CA, knocked out late replacement George “Red Tiger” Ashie, 33-6-1 (25), #146, of Accra, Ghana, at 2:08 of the seventh round of a scheduled 12 rounds.
In the second round Rocha had Ashie against the ropes with a flurry of punches. Ashie was able to return counter punches with his back on the ropes.

In the third round with twenty seconds remaining a right hook from southpaw Rocha on the chin and down went Ashie for an 8-count from Referee Thomas Taylor. Ashie managed to hold to get to the bell upon rising.

In the fourth round Rocha continued pinning Ashie to the ropes who though being rocked by right hooks from Rocha fought back well.

In the fifth round Rocha had the 38 year-old normally fighting at super lightweight Ashie against the ropes the entire round. Ashie fought back well with counter rights to the chin of Rocha. In the sixth round with less than a minute gone Rocha landed a low blow giving Ashie a short rest from referee Taylor. A clash of heads with Ashie coming into Rosha half a minute later caused a cut on the left eyebrow of Rocha bringing in the ring physician. Rocha continued keeping Ashie against the ropes but was countered well from Ashie.

In the seventh round with just under a minute remaining a vicious right from Rocha on the chin and down face first to the canvas went Ashie and out cold without a count from referee Taylor who immediately waved it off.

Southpaw Bektemir “ Bully” Melikuziev, 11-1 (9), #167 ½, of UZB and Indio, CA, stopped Ulises Sierra, 17-3-2 (10), #167 ½, of San Diego, CA, at 2:59 of the third round of a scheduled 10 rounds, for the vacant WBA Global Super Middleweight title.

In the first rounds final twenty seconds a vicious body shot from a lead left from Melikuziev hurt Sierra. Later in the round Melikuziev drew blood from the nose of Sierra. In the second rounds halfway mark a clash of heads caused a cut on the right eyelid of Melikuziev.

In the third rounds final minute Melikuziev dropped Sierra with a body shot to his knee for an 8-count from Referee Thomas Taylor. In the final seconds another left to the body from Melikuziev dropped Sierra to his knees as referee Taylor started the count before waving it off.

In the co-Main Event Floyd Schofield, 13-0 (10), #134 ¾, of Austin, TX, easily defeated southpaw Alberto “Transformer” Mercado, 17-5-1 (4), #134 ¾, of Humacao, PR, over 10 rounds scoring a knockdown for the vacant WBA International Lightweight title.

Thirty seconds into the second round a chopping right from Schofield to the top of the head of Mercado and down Mercado went for an 8-count from Referee Sharon Sands. In the final seconds Mercado landed a left to the chin stunning Schofield who was in his first ten rounder. In the third round Mercado held his own, in a slugfest with Schofield.

In the fourth round swelling started under the left eye of Mercado from Schofield’s jabs. In the final seconds a left from Schofield had Mercado hurt and holding onto get to the bell. In the fifth round swelling also started on the outside of Mercado’s right eye. In the sixth round Schofield switching from orthodox to southpaw landed a left to the chin of Mercado stunning him in the final minute of the round.

In the eighth rounds midway point Schofield landed a solid jab knocking Mercado back and again pushed Mercado to the canvas that referee Sands ruled a slip. In the ninth round a left hook from Schofield to the body hurt Mercado that was followed by a left pulling Mercado to the canvas. In the tenth and final rounds final minute a right from Schofield on the chin of Mercado had him hurt but was able to go the distance. Mercado has never been stopped in his twenty-three fights and Schofield wins his first ten rounder.

Scores were 100-89 by all judges and this writer.

WBO Latino Mini champion and No. 1 WBA ranked Oscar “El Pupilo” Collazo, 6-0 (4), #104 ¾, of Villalba, PR, stopped Yudel “El Guerrerito” Reyes, 15-2 (5), #104 ¼, of Monterrey, MEX, at 2:59 of the fifth round of a scheduled 12 rounds, WBO Mini weight title eliminator.

In the first round Collazo was the aggressor having his way until the final seconds before Reyes landed a right to the body. In the fourth round’s minute gone it looked like Collazo scored a knockdown from a left on the side of the head of Reyes it was ruled a slip looking like a possible push on replay) by Referee Gerald White.

In the fifth round a right hook from Collazo dropped Reyes under the ropes just inside the first minute for an 8-count from referee White. Reyes was up and fighting back until the final seconds when again Collazo dropped Reyes landing on his back with a 3-punch combination causing referee White to wave it off.

Super Lightweight Alejandro Reyes, 10-0 (5), #139.6, of Lancaster, CA, defeated Jose Zaragoza, 9-7-1 (3), #138.8, of MEX and Sedalia, MO, over 6 rounds.

Scores were 60-54 and 58-56 twice.

Super Bantam Adan Palma, 5-0 (4), #123.2, of San Diego, CA, defeated Pedro Salome, 3-2-2 (1) #125, of MEX and Anaheim, CA, over 4 rounds.

In the third round Palma scored a knockdown.

Scores 40-35 by all judges.

Super Featherweight Daniel Garcia, 4-0 (3), #129.6, of Westminster, COL, defeated Jonathan “Popeye” Perez, 40-34 (32), #130.6, of Barranquilla, CO, over 4 rounds.

Scores 40-36.

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