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NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Do the Canucks have a number for Bo Horvat? They still have some leverage on the trade market

Satiar Shah: “I do think the Canucks have a real desire to keep Bo despite knowing it’ll be difficult & perhaps unlikely. However, even if they’re set on trading him, VAN maintains leverage if other teams think there’s a chance he stays.”

  • Irfaan Gaffar: “VAN have made clear the offer they have is fair for Bo in their eyes. Still don’t think they’re out on trying to keep him. Believe there’s a number they are willing to get to. Also, why would you let Horvat talk to teams if you haven’t received an offer close to what you want?”

The Maple Leafs shouldn’t have Matthew Knies as an untouchable

Sportsnet: If the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to try and make a big splash at the trade deadline, prospect Matthew Knies should be untouchable according to Frank Seravalli.

“I don’t think this is a year where you can (have untouchables),” Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff told JD Bunkis Tuesday. “To be honest, I think when you look back at the way they looked at Matt Knies last year, I think they overvalued him. Not to say he’s not a good prospect or that he won’t turn into an NHL player, it’s just that he’s probably not the franchise centrepiece that anyone’s thinking he might be. He’s going to take time.

NHL Rumors: What could William Nylander’s next contract look like?

“Not knocking him at all, but if you really are going to improve your team and you’re trying to win a Stanley Cup this year … why wouldn’t Matt Knies be available?”

The Columbus Blue Jackets may be looking for something like a first- and third-round pick for Vladislav Gavrikov, so a top prospect like Knies wouldn’t be needed. They may not want to trade their top prospect for a pending UFA.




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