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NBA slaps Steph Curry a $25K fine due to mouthpiece incident in Grizzlies-Dubs match

The NBA handed Stephen Curry a $25,000 fine after throwing a mouthpiece into the stands during the Golden State Warriors’ Wednesday match against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Curry hurled his mouthpiece to the stands with 1:14 left in regulation, a reaction towards the ill-advised shot made by Jordan Poole.

The superstar guard was eventually ousted out by the officials prematurely, finishing with 34 points (10-19 shooting) and three assists.

Amid the uncharacteristic shot he made earlier that frustrated Curry, Poole emerged crucial in crunch time and sank the game-winning layup to allow the Dubs escape the Grizzlies, 122-120.

The ejection called serves as the third time that Curry was ejected, wherein the previous two also involves a throwing of a mouthpiece back in 2016 Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Memphis Grizzlies on 2017-18 regular season.

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