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NHL Rumors: Andrei Kuzmenko’s camp looking for a short-term deal with the Canucks

Kevin Weekes: Keep an eye on pending UFA forward Andei Kuzmenko and an extension. There is no urgency to get a deal done. They could be looking at a two-year bridge deal in the $5-6 million range.

Donnie & Dhali: Agent Dan Milstein talking about Vancouver Canucks pending UFA forward Andrei Kuzmenko.

** transcription

Don Taylor: “Negotiations. What can you tell us about negotiations between Andrei Kuzmenko, yourself, and the Vancouver Canucks?”

Milstein: “We met for the first time last week in Florida. Obviously, I have a great relationship with the Vancouver Canucks, Jim, Patrik and Emilie been outstanding to deal with. She’s very good to do business with.

It’s a process. I mean, it’s going to take a little bit of time. All it takes is one phone call. I think we have established the ground rules and we’ll basically try to chip away and hopefully, we’ll get this thing done very soon. It takes one phone call.

Obviously, it’s no secret that Andrei could have selected any of the other 32 teams back in July when he signed. He selected the Vancouver Canucks for a reason. He would like to stay here.

Obviously, in the end it’s business and we’re going to look at contract situation and factor it all in. But am hopeful we can still get a deal done.”

Rick Dhaliwal: Milstein on Andrei Kuzmenko contract talks: “The process has started, we have established the ground rules. The preference from me is a short term bridge deal. We will continue to talk.”

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