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Designed to generate speed and distance for the mid-to-slow swing speed player – those with driver swing speeds of less than 90 mph – TSR1 driver promotes optimal launch conditions through an ultra-lightweight design, enhanced aerodynamics and strategically placed centre of gravity.Weighing around 40g less than TSR2 driver, the TSR1 also boasts the same aerodynamic ‘boat tail’ shape that helps golfers swing TSR1 faster through the air. A Variable Face Thickness face ensures ball speeds are maintained on off-centre hits, while a deep centre of gravity almost perfectly centred to the face promotes higher launch and exceptional ball speed.

MMT SpeedMesh shafts weighing under 40g in all flexes, offers ultra-lightweight speed paired with incredible stability and energy transfer at impact.

“The TSR1 line represents a continued commitment to deliver speed to every style of player,” said Stephanie Luttrell, Titleist Director of Metalwood Development. “With the TSR1 driver, we found more speed and launch for the player through a lightweight design, better aerodynamics and our deepest CG ever in a Titleist driver.”

Lofts: RH: 9°, 10°, 12° | LH: 10° (9°, 12° custom only).
Shafts: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 (Men) and 35 (Ladies)
RRP: £529

TSR1 Fairway Woods

Like the driver, the TSR1 fairway woods are designed to help moderate swing speed players get even more speed and launch out of every strike. With a 180cc head volume, the TRS1 3-wood has a larger footprint than the TSR2, however,it weighs 20g less.
An open hosel construction helps create a deeper CG placement that promotes higher launch and more forgiveness. TSR1 fairways also have a 15% higher MOI than their predecessor thanks to improved shaping and weighting. For golfers seeking to get the golf ball up in the air higher and faster, TSR1 is designed to do just that.

“In designing TSR1 fairways, high launch was the top priority,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “We wanted to make the highest launching and most forgiving fairway we could. The result makes for a seamless transition from TSR1 driver through the top end of the bag.”

Lofts: 3 (15°), 5 (18°), 7 (20°), 9 (23°)
Shafts: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 (Men) and 35 (Ladies)
RRP: £289

TSR1 Hybrids

Built for golfers seeking distance and stability in their hybrid game, TSR1 hybrids achieve more speed and higher MOI through its enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction.
A larger ‘wood-type’ clubhead allows for a deeper CG placement and a more confidence-inspiring look at address. Despite the larger profile, the TSR1 hybrid’s design achieves performance gains without increasing swingweight. TSR1 hybrid shafts utilise a 0.335-inch fairway tip and are half-inch longer than prior generations for increased speed and launch.

“Keeping with the increased demand for higher lofted fairways from players, TSR1 hybrids are the most ‘wood-like’ hybrids we have ever made,” said Talge. “With a larger profile and a slightly longer shaft, TSR1 hybrids promote the speed and launch golfers may want from a fairway but with the added gapping flexibility to fit into the rest of the bag.”

Lofts: 4 (20°), 5 (23°), 6 (26°), 7 (29°)
Shafts: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 50 HY (Men’s) and 40 HY (Ladies)
RRP: £259

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